Game slot online- Complete Slot Guides

Of all games available in online casinos slot machines are among most easy to operate. Modern slot machines have numerous variations, which suits everyone’s persona and taste. Once you learn how to play a slot game, you can operate all other variations with ease. The basic outline of different variations of slot machines is the same. There are five chief steps to operate a slot machine. These are the following steps;

Get acquainted with it

  • Before you insert coins in the slot machine, spend some time to get acquainted with it. Study the paytable thoroughly. This gives you a glimpse of bet levels for bonuses and jackpots. You will also come to know the winning amount.
  • Before you start the game choose the right coin size which fits in your budget. It is customary to have 30 spins. You must have credits to play the game. You need to insert a coin in the coin slide or non-acceptor. In land-based casinos, the coin slots have been replaced by currency opening. In game slot online the balance of your account is transferred to the game.
  • As you have deposited money on the slot machine, you can decide the size of the bet. On classic style slot machine where there are three reels, you push the Bet Max to stake maximum coins and spin the reels. In video slots the choices are more than one, you select the chosen one by pressing the button.
  • Bet one: Push this button to wager one credit, push again bet two and so on. When you press, Bet Max maximum numbers of coins are offered for the spin. Pressing the Spin Button initiates the spin. Coins per line allow you to bet one or more coins per pay line. If the machine has a lever attached to it, then pulls it to start the spin. The lever just gives you a sense of nostalgia and operates in the same fashion as the buttons do.
  • If you have won the bet, then simply push the collect or cash button to encash the prize money. If the jackpot is more than a specific amount, then an employee of the casino will come to help you. Along with the prize money, he will give you the necessary tax forms to make money legitimate. If you won a jackpot in an online casino, you would not find a cash button instead click on the Bank button which transfers you to the casino`s account section. You have the option of withdrawing the whole amount or part of it.

Summing up

You will find other buttons also with the mentioned above buttons. The Help buttons on the online slot machines provide information about rules of the game and other important information regarding bonuses and free spins. A start feature button is incorporated in online slot machines, which offers bonuses. Pressing it will start free spins. Australian type slot machine has a Gamble button, pressing it transfers you to gamble screen where you can double your current win if you wish.